ERP as a platform

Published by UNIT4

An exclusive discussion between our Chief Product Officer Dmitri Krakovsky and HFS analyst Joel Martin on ERP Modernization.

HFS tells us ERPx meets their triple-A-trifecta for people-centric organizations, elevating ERP from a business application to a whole new way of working.

ERP Modernization is a challenge for many organizations. To help you navigate the process, in this podcast analyst Joel Martin from HFS research and Chief Product Officer Dmitri Krakovsky from Unit4 will talk about the evolution of business platforms in the cloud-native model and how delivering value is a true opportunity now with cloud migrations happening across many organizations.

Listen now for a discussion covering topics including:

  • Learn how you can rethink how applications are built and then consumed by users.
  • Learn the differences between designing solutions for product-centric organizations versus people-centric organizations.
  • Trending issues like low-code/no-code automation and how solutions are being built from micro-services - becoming cloud-native by design from the start.

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