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2021 State of Data Governance and Empowerment

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Organizations are embracing their data-centric futures. They are making more data available to more people with the hope of gaining more insights. They are turning to technology that provides guardrails and self-service to ensure experts and generalists alike have the time they need to confidently leverage data the right way, building trust while reducing risk. 

ESG conducted a research study of 220 business and IT professionals responsible for and/or familiar with data governance strategies, investments, and operations at their organizations, which each have 1,000+ employees and annual revenues of $100M+.

The focus of the project involved:

  • Understanding how organizations define, adopt, and prioritize data governance.
  • Learning drivers and challenges of data governance implementations across key data lifecycle and data technology integration points.
  • Uncovering the importance of automation and self-service as a foundational component of data empowerment that includes data governance as a key pillar, but also relates to other areas of the business, including IT operations and data protection.

Download this whitepaper now for insights into the key findings of this ground-breaking research. 


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