Fully Automate Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response with FortiXDR

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For years, organizations have added new cybersecurity products to address new cybersecurity threats. However, they have become overwhelming as a whole to be managed, monitored, and acted upon. As a result, organizations run an increased risk of missing potentially damaging cyberattacks that slip through the cracks.  

Today, most organizations are engaged in or planning for vendor consolidation hoping to improve security and operational efficiency. However, to successfully realize those outcomes, consolidation must lead to an integrated, effective, and efficient overall security solution, rather than a collection of independent products from a single vendor. 

That’s where FortiXDR can help, building on the broad, integrated, and automated Fortinet Security Fabric with fully automated threat detection, investigation, and response. This helps organizations improve their security posture and operational efficiency, easing the burden on security teams.

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