Hidden Costs of Endpoint Security

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When it comes to endpoint security, CISOs are in a bind. Most assume that endpoints will be compromised at some point, and they are right. In a recent survey of CISOs, 81% reported at least one intrusion in the past year, and 22% had more than five. There is little doubt in their minds that traditional antivirus solutions are insufficient to secure endpoints—they need more advanced protection. 

First-generation endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions improve endpoint security by offering detection and response capabilities but also incur hidden costs. Inadequate response times expose the organization to risk from ransomware and other fast-acting threats. Security staff struggle to triage a flood of alerts, which increases workplace stress and misclassification of threats. There is little doubt that current EDR solutions lack the speed and automation that CISOs need to ensure cost-effective, reliable endpoint security.

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