Proact (In Partnership With NetApp)
Proact (In Partnership With NetApp)

Ready for the Unexpected: Keeping Your Business Running in Challenging Circumstances

Published by Proact UK

The human tendency to put off important matters for another time is a challenge we’ve all faced at one stage or another. As individuals, we know the consequences of this type of behaviour. We’ve all experienced that moment when something that’s been on our to-do list for months suddenly becomes something that should have been done yesterday.

In some cases it can be mildly frustrating, or lead to an argument with someone counting on you to complete the task. In others, it can prove costly and leave you feeling remorseful.

In this report, we show you what steps you can take before, during and after a security incident to maintain regular business operations and reduce the risk of costly downtime. Specifically, we look at a framework you can employ to make sure much of the legwork is done before an attack hits,

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