Architecting Your Multi-Cloud Environment

Published by VMware

Businesses are developing new software and modernizing existing applications to support their digital transformation initiatives. Architecting a cloud environment that supports the five key architectural principles below will help you build a multi-cloud environment that meets the needs of your business, today and tomorrow.

Build in Flexibility: Increase business agility by allowing each application to be deployed to the cloud that best meets its requirements.
Evolve without Penalty: Lower costs by supporting the ability to move applications between environments without refactoring.
Seek Operational Simplicity: Reduce complexity and improves security using a unified operating model.
Fully Optimize Resources: Minimize learning curves by providing high levels of skill leverage for both developers and IT operators.
Maximize Automation Investments: Support the ability to scale up automation across the full scope of operations.

VMware’s unique architectural approach provides a unified way to build, run and manage both traditional and modern applications on any cloud. Working with VMware, organizations will be able to increase choice and flexibility, accelerate time to value and reduce the cost of operating their multi-cloud environment.

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